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Experience and expertise

Intercommerce benefits from the expertise of a unique team of developers gained since 1999 in the field of banking and credit card processing.

Safety and reliability on the net

Intercommerce is a platform for online payments of international reputation, which offers you a guaranteed market excellence, in accordance with the PCI DSS standards (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard), adopted by Visa Europe, Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, JCB and Discover Network.

Service flexibility

Intercommerce is developed by a team that's been active in the online payment community since 2002 and having many years of experience as a merchant. Intercommerce has been concerned mainly with merchants' real expectations while putting forward its expertise of varied customer needs. The reputation of Rubrica Ltd., in terms of webmasters knowledge and service publishers, enables us to offer outstanding flexibility of services.

You're a client ?
Online shopping made easy

Online shopping has never been easier! An incomparable partners network will allow shopping possibilities in most areas of e-business. Our purchasing forms greatly simplify transactional processes.

Safety and reliability on the net

We are proud to offer a safe and reliable service, the guarantor of our excellent reputation for financial transactions on the net. Besides providing customer support on two continents (Europe and North America), we hold international certification.

You have been billed?

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